You Need to Control your Anger Issues.

“They’re affecting people around you and it’s not funny anymore.”

Photo by Ruth Caron on Unsplash

Dear work friend,

I appreciate your daily struggles and can relate to all the stress you’re feeling. It’s honestly not your fault you were given responsibilities you are inadequate for. You are good at your job, most days. But as you walk through the door every morning, please do not take your anger out on me.

“I have nothing to do with the baggage you’re bringing.”

We are in a professional environment, I think it’s about time you started acting like one. After all, we are all grown-ass adults. Please, stop with the indirect emails, with lines “IN QUOTATIONS, BOLDED TEXT, IN ALL CAPS AND ITALICS.” We both know I can do my job adequately and efficiently. If I’m doing something wrong, by no means, please correct me! However, do not try to assert your authority over me, especially when you’re angry. You and I both know that’s not in your job description.

Work friend, at first I thought I was paranoid. I thought maybe I was being too sensitive or trying too hard to read in-between the lines. But this has become a re-occurrence and I’m not the only one that’s noticed.

“Have I done something to you without knowing, annoyed you in someway or is it one of those — I just don’t like your face, situations?”

Please approach me if you have a problem with me you’d like to discuss. I’m also not great at communicating my thoughts and feelings, but at least I am self-aware of my weaknesses and recognize I have to build on my skills.

We all have our internal battles and problems to deal with. Work should not be a place to offload. I understand coming to work is not a fun thing to do. Believe me, there are 100 other things I’d rather be doing than this. Bottom line is, we are both here to stay — we both have bills to pay. I think it’s time you address your anger issues. Have you tried Writing Therapy?

For existence, for expression and a mix of both — an outlet. So romantically attached to reading, writing and poetry, I try to pen my own.

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